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We offer

  • Acryllic & Cobalt Chrome Dentures.

  • Repairs & Additions to dentures.

  • HSE Prior approval for medical card holders for free dentures and free denture repairs. Please bring your medical card number with you at appointment times so we can seek HSE approval for your work.


Acryllic Dentures

In urgent cases, we can organise quick turnaround on Acryllic Dentures (within one week)


Acryllic dentures are suitable for most people. They can be fitted as soon as a tooth is removed and in general, they are easy to adjust and repair. However, they are not as strong as Chrome Cobalt and tend to be larger/bulkier. They can stain and discolour with time.


Cobalt Chrome Dentures

Dentures made from Cobalt Chrome are strong and light and offer increased Patient comfort and excellent aesthetics. They can be more difficult to Repair and are not suitable for every patient wanting a denture. They are more expensive than Acrylic Dentures.


Implant Retained Dentures


Implants can be placed to help stabilise and retain a denture where a patient has some or no teeth.



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