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Family Dentistry


Here at Guinan Dental Practice, we believe strongly in good oral health for the entire family, from your little baby to Granny & Grandad! We have three generations of some families attending our practice as patients. The American Dental Association recommends that every child have a dental home by the age of one year. We agree, so feel free to bring baby along at your next appointment. 


It is important that a childs dental health is a priority from the beginning. The Irish Dental Association warn us that 3 out of 4 Irish children are suffering from tooth decay by the time they are 15. Half of all Irish 12 year olds and three quarters of all 15 year olds have some decay in their permanent teeth. This makes it the most common chronic disease children experience in Ireland.


While over 80% of Irish people believe their gums are healthy, according to the most recent national health survey, 80% of Irish people have some form of gum disease.


Frequency of dental visits shows a strong age pattern, declining sharply from 45 years onwards.


Encourage your family to attend the dentist for regular dental check ups and set a good example for children by caring for your own teeth. Let children see you brush and floss your own teeth, drinking plenty of water instead of fizzy drinks and snacking on healthy foods. If you need any advice on how to care for your families teeth, please ask us, we're happy to help.


Below is a guide to dental care for children. For more on how to care for your teeth, see our Patient Information section.


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