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Dental Care for Children


Regular dental check ups and following the advice below will help guard your childrens teeth against tooth decay and gum disease. Good, healthy adult teeth begin with good healthy childrens teeth.


0-6 months


  • At this stage, when no teeth are present, clean mouth with warm water and a piece of gauze/ wipe gums with a soft cloth.

  • When a baby is born, the first set of teeth is already there, just under the gums.

  • Your baby will become used to the routine of cleaning teeth and this may help form the habit that will hopefully last a lifetime


6 months to 2 years


  • Clean your childs teeth and gums with a soft cloth or soft childrens brush and warm water.

  • You can bring your child to see the dentist before their 1st birthday and check about the introduction of a flouride toothpaste.

  • At night, give only cooled boiled water in a baby's bottle as dental decay can begin as soon as the first teeth appear

  • Do not put juice, soft drinks or sugar in a baby's bottle & do not dip a pacifier in anything sugary as doing so can result in rapid tooth  decay.

  • These teeth are very important for eating, talking and smiling. They also keep spaces for the adult teeth.


2-7 years


  • Use a pea sized amount of fluoride toothpaste

  • Spit out after brushing

  • Brush twice a day, last thing at night and on one other occasion during the day.

  • Minimise snacks and sweets and avoid them between meals



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